Marco Montalti RealKintsugi owner architect and Kintsugi restorer
Realkintsugi Kintsugi gold bowls japanese
The Origin


Japan is an amazing country with a millennial fascinating culture.

And is so interesting to discover new stories, new traditions and new customs.

But as it’s happening all over the world, the technology and the contemporary globalised culture is taking over this millennial culture, slowly deleting parts of it. 

The traditions started turning from everyday life into memories and is sad thinking that some amazing handicrafts activities are slowly disappearing.

The incredibly thought, delicacy and the sentimental value behind Kintsugi technique are the things which made this project becoming real.

All of the pieces restored by RealKintsugi are the result of years of studies, practise and research.

RealKintsugi is a cultural project, which is trying to revitalise an incredible tradition, to prevent it to be forgotten.

Kintsugi won’t belong only to a museum, but it will be still alive in everyday life.


A hidden story


The restoration is the thing which makes every single RealKintsugi product unique.

But RealKintsugi is also focusing on the important research of unique and important piece of pottery.

The support is as important as the restoration, and most of the restored pottery on RealKintsugi are the result of years of research in antique stores and markets.

RealKintsugi has the intention to find old damaged pottery with a real story, belonged to someone who loved them, to bring back to a new life.

This important process add an incredible value to each piece, which is a unique and unrepeatable piece of a story, ready to be appreciated again in a new way.


Behind the scene 


RealKintsugi project has been founded by me Marco Montalti, in 2016.

I’m 28, I’m based in Italy and I graduated as architect at the University of Bologna in 2018.

I had a chance to travel in Japan and I started studying Kintsugi in 2015.

I take care of every single task about RealKintsugi, from the research of the pottery, the restoration, the pictures, the design, the orders and the customer service.

This business is something I created completely by myself and since 2016 I put in there all of my energy and investments.

I’m so grateful to all of the customers which supported me during this years, giving me the chance to make this project sustainable keeping alive this antique Japanese traditions.

Thank you.